The Economist Back
The Economist has become a truly global publication with more than four-fifths of its circulation outside the UK, its original country of publication, proving its relevance to decision-makers and opinion leaders across the whole world. The group is famous in the newspaper industry for its pertinent advertisements and specific customer retention. As part of the 68% growth in Asia Pacific over the last decade, India is definitively a high market, and the group has decided to move the production and the handling of The Economist campaigns to India.

The Economist India uses MOS for handling their complete renewal campaign: a weekly activity with 21 different creative mail packs involving:

•    Data set up & personalised pdf creation

•    Offset printing & personalisation

•    Distribution in India and Internationally
"It has been a pleasure working with Mail Order Solutions. Their assistance in preparation, set up, printing and dispatching our many many marketing collaterals week after week has been simply superb. We would definitely recommend their business for others looking for this type of service."

Farheen Chinoy,
Senior Marketing Executive