End-to-End Solutions for Product Sourcing and Fulfilment
As a logical extension to offer integrated end-to-end solutions under one roof, MOS has been instrumental in product sourcing to International clients for specific products like Art Jewellery, Stones, Esoteric products, leather, and any novel innovations required by clients.

MOS has a large storage facility which enables storage of products and allows easy fulfillment services. Cost-effective and professionally managed, our Warehouse is used to store, fill, and ship orders for a variety of products by means of quick and innovative processing systems. MOS has extended infrastructure, manpower, and space to provide large-volume literature fulfillment, product fulfillment, inventory management, and reporting services to domestic and international clients.

In addition to storing, maintaining, and ordering your inventory, we have a trained and qualified team of agents available to quickly pick, pack, label, and ship your products within minutes, not days. MOS can receive, store, package, and ship your products on demand. Inventory systems and staff keep you apprised of inventory and ensure accuracy when fulfilling your orders. MOS can draw up a proposal, blueprinting the entire inventory management work flow to keep you up-to-speed on sales and balance stocks at all times. Our team will catalogue, ship, warehouse, and manage your products as if they were in your keeping.
Our product fulfilment includes
Secured storage
Climate controlled environments
Freight optimization
Detailed reporting
Domestic and International shipping/freight
Returns management

In addition to MOS produced material, we can handle warehousing and fulfilment of print and non-print marketing or corporate collateral from other sources.