Email Marketing
In today’s world engaging with your customers is a key factor in building a relationship and retaining their loyalty. Statistics have proven that, receiving ‘Personalised’ communication makes customers feel recognized, appreciated and also boosts response rates to your campaign!
Also our main focus on data security and that’s the reason we are using world class very-very personalized server where we do all activity from in-house. We don’t share or upload any data or template on server.
Benefits of using our personalised Email services
For over 3 years we have helped many companies deliver their critical marketing and transactional email. We have earned their trust - and we can help you too. Hitting the inbox requires a special know-how that is only learned by experience.
> Stay off Blacklists
Getting on a blacklist can be devastating. Furthermore, getting off a blacklist seems to require black magic at times. We keep you off the blacklists, and if necessary, our experts intervene on your behalf to have you removed off the blacklist promptly.
> Delivered Message Report in csv format
> Bounce back report in csv format
> Open and Click Report in CSV format
> Suppression List